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Interview with The Ready Set - Vans Warped Tour 2011

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The Ready Set

photo by Roberto Chamorro

July 30, 2011. Hard work at a young age certainly has paid off for Fort Wayne, Indiana singer / songwriter Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set band. The Ready Set's explosive first single “Love Like Woe,” hit the charts and the ears of Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz who promptly made The Ready Set the first signing to his newly-formed Decaydance Records/Sire Records.

The Ready Set joined Vans Warped Tour this year for all of the shows and made a stop in West Palm Beach for a sun drenched day of music and teen / twenty-something decadence. What happens at Warped stays at Warped, for the most part, with the exceptional few moments when OFC had the opportunity to chat with the pop star and heart throb. Check out the interview of Jordan on video!

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Special thanks to Chelsea Cannon - OFC contributor

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