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The Venetia Fair Interview - Vans Warped Tour and What Happened Last Night!

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The Venetia Fair

July 30, 2011. What happens at Warped stays at Warped with the exception of The Venetia Fair band holding nothing back in this OFC insider interview. The eccentric rock band from Boston with the artistic, twisted finesse of music pioneers Frank Zappa and Thomas Dolby, talks openly about the Warped Tour experience with the most revealing back stage after show story from the night before!

On a more serious note, The Venetia Fair shared the background on the making of their just released EP "The Pits," how the band got discovered and record labels in today's age of music and the web.

The Venetia Fair, after a run with this summers' Vans Warped Tour, looks forward to more tour engagements through the end of the year. The Venetia Fair consists of Benny, Mr. Chark, Mike, Joe Brown, and Chris. They crash their van all the time. Their van gets towed all the time. They don't take care of themselves, each other, or really anything. The only thing they care about is that after you see them play, you tell your friend(s) that you have no idea what you just watched.

Check out the video interview with photo montage. The Venetia Fair without a doubt shares one of the best stories from the road. Get a glimpse of the "real" Warped Tour experience complete with alligators! (R-rated)

Buy The Venetia Fair album The Pits [Explicit] on Amazon

Download The Pits on iTunes

(mobile users can view the interview on

Video and photo of The Venetia Fair band at Warped Tour by Sally Rosen, band photos from and special thanks to Eddy Duryea - OFC Contributor

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