David LaFleur Them Bones... Album Review

Sally Rosen - OFC Contributor
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As Folk and Americana continue to take the world of popular music by storm with giants like The Avett Brothers and Ray LaMontagne, all roads lead to David LaFleur. David LaFleur, in his latest release Them Bones..., is an authentic testament of folk music at its best with thirteen original and traditional song tracks.

LaFleur, the quintessential master of the Dobro resonator guitar, artfully unwinds ballads with gusto in songs "Rovin' Gambler," "Double Down or Fold."

Title track "Them Bones" is a playful, fast paced spiritual song adapted from traditional "Dem Bones (Gonna Rise Again)." "Them Bones" is a song about Adam and Eve and creation of man not to be confused with Alice In Chains hard rocking song with same title.

David LaFleur's vocals and harmonies add a soulful dimension to "Them Bones" and breathe new life into this classic. The album is destined to be one of David's finest efforts and a fan favorite!

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Last Updated on Monday, 12 September 2011 09:12