Manchester Orchestra Simple Math - New Album Review

Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra, American indie rock band from Atlanta, returns with their intimate third album: Simple Math. Simple Math delivers a mixture of familiar instrumentals reminiscent of Mean Everything to Nothing along with front man Andy Hull’s anguish-filled vocals.

The album opens with “Deer,” which feels like an apologetic entry in Hull’s journal.  Hull expresses his regret: “Dear everybody that has paid to see my band / I acted like a a…hole so my albums would never burn.”  Hull admits to being less than satisfactory to not only his band but all of the people he holds close to his heart.

Although “Deer” is a hushed emotional whisper, tracks like “April Fool” and “Mighty” have much more vigor and passion.  “Mighty” has a sense of urgency while describing Hull’s struggle with himself as a lover.  “Mighty” has heart-wrenching lyrics such as “My arms waving, I'm saying goodbye / and I will do my best to breathe for you.”

The title track is by far the most outstanding track on Simple Math, both lyrically and instrumentally.  Hull’s fragile vocals stand alone most of the song and build up to climactic “whoa’s” paired with a string section, a new addition to the band.  Both of these musical assets illustrate a truly magnificent story that depicts Hull questioning himself and his existence.

Newcomers and long-time fans should be very pleased with Simple Math. Manchester Orchestra continues to chronicle Hull’s struggles through various musical lamentations and divulgences.  Overall, Manchester Orchestra maintains their status as a passionate rock band.


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Last Updated on Monday, 30 January 2012 15:12