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Jackson Browne 2011 Solo Acoustic Tour Review - Simplicity At It’s Finest

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Jackson Browne

May 25, 2011 Clearwater. Eighteen shiny acoustic guitars, each in different tune, sat in the middle of an oriental rug. In front of them was a simple wooden chair, and to the right, a keyboard. Overhead, three simple white lights shown down upon the stage. As Jackson Browne casually walked out to greet the intimate audience of about 2,200 at the sold-out Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL, it felt as cozy as hanging out on the couch at a dear old friend’s house.

Jackson, age 62, whose first album was released back in 1972, and included hits such as “Doctor My Eyes” and “Rock Me on the Water,” put on an enchanting show. Inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, the truly gifted singer/song-writer is a fine example of how music only gets better with age.

Dressed in a black long sleeve shirt and jeans, he started out strong with “Barricades of Heaven” followed by a few seldom-played tunes upon request, including the charming “I’ll Do Anything.” Browne wasn’t short on jokes, as he jumped from song to song, giving the audience plenty of say in what would be played next, he said, “...the lyrics, you may be called upon to help me with the lyrics...”

Jackson’s voice was as clear and melodic as it is on the recorded albums from the early 70’s. The vibe was mellow with encouraged audience interaction. Forgetting the occasional lyric or verse, Browne would laugh along with the audience, and continue to paint a new, exquisite portrait with each instrument. The warm, inviting atmosphere along with the phenomenal acoustics allowed for him to really connect on songs like “Love Needs a Heart,” and “The Pretender.” Following a short intermission, Jackson gave a sublime performance of “Everyman” on the keyboard before going into the popular “Running On Empty” and thirteen others, each showcasing his divine musical aptitude.

This simple, unforgettable show included 25 songs ranging from rock n roll to folk to country and even a bit of politics thrown into the mix. From start to finish, Jackson Browne gave a dazzling performance. When the night came to a close he left us with words from his song “The Only Child.” “Take good care of each other,” said Jackson as he softly bowed and walked off the stage. With new dates just added, this tour would be a wonderful treat for any fan of musical talent, easily a must-see!

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1. Barricades of Heaven
2. I'll Do Anything
3. Call It a Loan
4. Further On
5. Love Needs a Heart
6. Opening Farewell
7. The Pretender
8. These Days
9. Giving That Heaven Away
10. For a Dancer
12. Running on Empty
13. Bright Baby Blues
14. Late For the Sky
15. Fountain of Sorrow
16. Wonderland
17. That Girl Could Sing
18. Somebody’s Baby
19. Doctor My Eyes
20. Sky Blue and Black
21. Mohammad’s Radio by Warren Zevon
22. Here Come Those Tears
23. Patriot
24. Take it Easy
25. Before The Deluge

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