Frampton Comes Alive! 35 Tour - Summerfest Photos

Peter Frampton
photo by Sally Rosen - OFC contributor

July 6, 2011. 35 years later, post turn tables wearing out vinyl copies of the double rock live album that made recording music history and changed rock pop culture, Peter Frampton brings his tour back out on the road. The legendary guitarist, singer, songwriter performed at Milwaukee Summerfest Classic Rock stage cranking out hits from FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE, opening up with songs "Something's Happening," "Doobie Wah," "Lines On My Face," and "Show Me The Way."

Signature Frampton guitar solos flowed, his stellar voice unfaltering, killer band and unshakable set list of songs that transcends time and generations.

This current tour is no doubt a 1976 rewind blowout and it is good to know Frampton continues to bring new music to the table with his most recent release last year THANK YOU MR CHURCHILL.

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On the Frampton fan club news front, flood damaged gear is being auctioned off for Friends of Radnor ( Radnor Lake is an amazingly beautiful nature reserve in Nashville, TN that was damaged by last year's flood. The band has more guitars, amps and other goodies to get rid of. So, look for them at the merch table when you come to a show. They won't be at every show, but will be out there when we can make them available.

The tour is trying something new and exciting at the Greek Theater in LA this week!

If you are attending the show, not only will we be offering the CD sets as we have been by Abbey Road Live (, but that night there will be offered DIGITAL versions of the show, via interactive kiosk stations at the Greek!  If you have an iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, etc., you can literally walk out with our show loaded onto it when you leave!

Fans can pre-order at any time (so if you are going to another show at the Greek, you can still order).  And, you can have the digital version emailed home to you as well.  Check out

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