Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album I'M WITH YOU and Tour News!

Eddy Duryea - OFC Contributor

Red Hot Chili Peppers

STADIUM ARCADIUM feels like forever ago. Let’s face it: it’s been roughly five years since the Red Hot Chili Peppers released their Grammy award winning double album.

You may have been wondering where they’ve gone or even worse:  you may have mistaken the Chili Peppers as completely defunct. No need to panic; the Chili Peppers return to the rock scene with I'M WITH YOU now available in iTunes!

Admittedly, I’M WITH YOU is different than the 2006 Chili Peppers. They also sport a new guitarist to replace their signature John Frusciante, 31 year old tour and session guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. These facts may deter fans, but after fully absorbing the album, one may put their potential bitterness aside and rejoice for the return of the funky rock behemoth we know as the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I'M WITH YOU opens with “Monarchy of Roses” where Flea’s funky baseline is reminiscent of CALIFORNICATION'S “Parallel Universe.”  If that doesn’t instantly make you recall why the Chili Peppers sold 65 million albums, maybe the next few tracks will. “Brendan’s Death Song” is a tribute to friend Brendan Mullen who passed away in 2009.  Kiedis delivers tender lyrics such as “The nights are long, but the years are short, when you're alive. Way back when, will never be again, it was a time.”  It’s true; the Chili Peppers are expected to deliver funky and upbeat songs, but “Brendan’s Death Song” is a heartfelt and mellow song that just can't be ignored.

The album’s first single, “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie” spread from internet to radio like wildfire. With snappy “tick-tock” percussion, Klinghoffer’s prominent guitar style and even some cowbell, the new single isn’t as explosive as previous RHCP songs, but “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie,” is still undeniably catchy.   

The funk rock power that pumped fans up since the 90’s is preserved in the unexpectedly excellent “Did I Let You Know.”  Klinghoffer’s delicate yet fast-paced guitar, drummer Chad Smith’s salsa-esque drums and a somehow well-placed trumpet solo comprise the oddity that is “Did I Let You Know.” Although it deviates from what we consider to be a traditional Chili Peppers song, “Did I Let You Know” is still recognizably RHCP.

The rest of album is an impressive medley of songs. Whether you’re looking for familiar funk, sunny songs or foreign feelings; I’M WITH YOU doesn’t disappoint.

No one could have guessed what the next RHCP album would sound like. Regardless of expectations, I’M WITH YOU turns out to be more than just that “next album,” but rather the next step. The Chili Peppers have survived numerous lineup changes, multiple hiatuses, drug usage, and even band member death. Time has proven RHCP to be impervious to defeat; I’M WITH YOU may very well be the Red Hot Chili Peppers reminder to everyone that they are still with us.

I’M WITH YOU – the new album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is now available everywhere. Click HERE to download I’M WITH YOU on iTunes

You can also get a special offer of the album with an exclusive T-shirt and a giant subway poster. Click HERE to learn more on how to pick it up! Plus, don’t forget to see the band’s LIVE performance of the entire album, and more!

On the touring front, Red Hot Chili Peppers are embarking upon an extensive tour beginning in South America and over to Europe including several dates in UK!  Click HERE to find tickets on Ticketmaster UK or go to Red Hot Chili Peppers official fan club site for tour dates. Fingers crossed the band announces tour dates for the U.S. in 2012!

Last Updated on Monday, 30 January 2012 15:11