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Gaga’s “weird” level may have gone off the charts for a lot of listeners on her third album, but BORN THIS WAY has definitely made her Little Monsters proud. The new queen of pop and recent Grammy winner made herself famous with meat dresses and shoes that look impossible to walk in, but she continues to prove that she can back up her wild ways with equally wild, but catchy music.

“Born This Way” is a witty mix of the old and the new, sounding like a blend of 80s dance music and Euro club jams, with some church bells thrown in there somewhere. The themes haven’t changed much. Freedom, political and religious unrest, S&M, and individuality reign supreme, but the album proves to be more mature and well developed than its predecessors.

Unlike many artists Gaga has made a title track that actually does the rest of the album justice. The mega-hit “Born This Way” is definitely the best anthem song on the track list and a decent first single. In fact, the first five songs on the album are solid upbeat tracks that, true to Gaga form, make you want to dance the night away in the bars of NYC.

There’s “Government Hooker,” an edgy, sexed-up song that was premiered at a Thierry Muglur fashion show back in March. The song’s core has twinges of a Britney or Rihanna track, but Gaga makes it her own with its uncensored, in-your-face lyrics. “Marry the Night” is the first song on the album and one of the best. The song was absolutely made for nights out on the town and its simplicity makes it a sure pick for an upcoming single.

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“Scheiße” is the ‘Gaga must-have’ female empowerment song on the album with a techno dance beat and the signature break in vocals to hear her preach. As a whole the album does get monotone at times, with some lack luster tracks like “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)” and “Heavy Metal Lover.”

Then there’s “You and I” that makes you want the monotony. It could possibly be interesting if its country twang wasn’t so out of place on the otherwise strictly pop album.

“Bloody Mary” and “The Edge of Glory” are dynamic, more mature songs that set “Born This Way” apart from Gaga’s first album and make those that look for fresh musicality proud.

The Bonus Track version of “Born This Way” includes clever remixes of “Judas” and “Scheiße,” among others, both by top producer DJ White Shadow as well as a ‘Country Road’ version of the title track, which could resonate with some country fans, but otherwise is just plain strange. "Born This Way “ has staying-power, growth, and most importantly for her Little Monster’s, feel- good, party-ready songs.

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"The Edge of Glory" new video featuring the late Clarence Clemons on sax, the heart and soul of this song. Clarence passed away June 18.

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