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Interview with Electric Touch - Warped Tour and Lollapalooza!

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Electric Touch  

July 30, 2011. From Warped to Lolla in under seven days. Not too many bands can achieve what Electric Touch has, sweeping the festivals with their high energy music. With elements of Chuck Berry to the Stones to Nirvana to Arctic Monkeys, the British-American rock and roll band "draws influences from every corner of music" and continues to evolve their own unique style that defines Electric Touch.


When asked about the genre of Electric Touch music, front man Shane Lawlor comments "The songs are tales of ordinary life in glorious technicolor and we let everyone else fill in the gaps. It's just rock and roll music how we know best."

Check out the interview to learn more about Electric Touch and their Warped Tour experience. The opening sequence features Electric Touch newest single "Don't Stop" which is streaming in on Look out for the band's new album on Island Records label coming out soon!

Electric Touch (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version)

Download Electric Touch music on iTunes

Interview with Electric Touch at Vans Warped Tour
band members Shane Lawlor, Isaac Strycker and Christopher Leigh

(mobile users can view the interview on

Video by Sally Rosen, photos from and special thanks to Eddy Duryea - OFC Contributor

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